MacGregor 26X Modifications (USS Alternative II)

Here are a few modifications I have made to my boat. Some of these modifications were made by a prior owner and updated. Some were a result of input from other MacGregor owners. A lot are from the Roger Brown, Nanaimo, BC and his boat the Windarra. Use these freely and pass around. Use at your own risk. I post these here as a reference to other owners so that I can quickly show modifications made to my boat for ideas.

1. Replaced starboard front glass (Spring 2001)

2. Replaced boom (Spring 2001)

3. Replaced solar vent 3" (Spring 2001)

4. Replaced Steering Box and Cable (March 2001)

5. Replaced Steering Box (April 2001)

6. Replaced V-Bunk Cushions (Spring 2001)

7. Moved batteries forward  and rewired  most of boat (May 2001)

8. Moved fresh water tank forward under v-bunk and ran line back to head sink and galley

used electric water pump for galley and used original pump in head. Head pump was strong

enough to pump back to head from front V-bunk. Added outside water filler,

starboard side in front of genny track.(May 2001)

9. Made bracket to hold engine in place when under sail power and towing (March 2001)

10. Moved VHF out of internal pedestal mount and placed on bracket in back of pedestal. (Spring 2001)

11. Moved tach up higher on pedestal for better viewing. (Spring 2001)

12. Remounted depth finder and GPS (Spring 2001)

13. Placed fan in overhead by dinette for ventilation. (Spring 2001)

14. Replaced prop with composite (April 2001)

15. Installed Horizon CP 400 Chartplotter on helm (May 2001)

16. Installed anchor light (June 2001)

17. Backup Tiller (February 2001)

18. Crutch for Roller Furler  used for trailering.(March 2001)

19. Covers for fuel tanks. (June 2001)

20. Replace ballast gate valve. Cp Products Part # 24646. 1/12 inch hole.

21. Added shore power connection. ( April 2002 )

22. Added Port Window hatch and new Port Window aft.( April 2002 )

23. Added additional Fire Extinguisher forward dinette ( April 2002 )

24 Changed to snap Shackles, boom vang and mainsheet. ( April 2002 )

25 Made box to hold GPS Chart plotter and depth finder above pedestal. ( April 2002 )

26. Painted bottom with epoxy paint.

27 Made wooden cabinets (May 2002)




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