USS Alternative II

California Trip Home Feb 4-11, 2001

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Camera... a cheapo throw away .. developed by Sam's Club on CD.

Boat at Stockton Marina, Stockton, California. We motored about 1 mile around to take boat out of water. Before pulling boat out we emptied ballast tank. No problems pulling boat out with Jimmy. Old owner not me! Boat out of water and back at Stockton Marina.
Boat Packed up and ready to go to NJ! Winmill farms by Barkerville, California. Maybe if they keep this up they can solve some their energy problems! In Arizona. Stopped for fuel. I hit many different weather patterns on this trip. temperature was around 0 degrees F. Leaving Navajo Indian reservation!
Early morning fuel stop in Oklahoma. Passing through St. Loius, Mo. Note Arch in background. Getting cleaned at truck stop while I was in Ohio. Put boat and truck in at same time! Last Stop in Ohio Truck Stop. All cleaned up!


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